EURAXESS - Researchers in Motion sivusto antaa tietoa tutkijoiden liikkuvuuspalveluista ja rahoitusmahdollisuuksista työskentelyyn toisessa maassa: tutkimus- ja työmahdollisuuksista, työpaikoista ja käytännön palveluista maakohtaisesti.

The EURAXESS - Researchers in Motion website provides information on mobility and funding opportunities for researchers to work in other countries, including research and work openings, job opportunities and practical services in each country. helps students in all academic fields, in all semesters, and in 16 European countries. It helps them find personal matches in scholarships, awards and grants out of the more than 12,000 that are available, worth €27 billion. There are 300 of these programs that are based in Finland. Students only have to enter their profile and the automatic matching software instantly selects the programmes that fit best the individual student. European Funding Guide includes financial support for the cost of living, for a semester of study, an internship, a language course abroad, or support for an academic research project.

Tietokanta apurahoista ja stipendeistä.

NordForsk is a Nordic organisation with responsibility for cooperation on research and researcher training in the Nordic region. For funding tools, please see the NordForsk grant schemes. is a centralised European platform providing information on all scholarships offered for study in Europe. Students can find and compare relevant programmes based on their nationality, background, level of studies and where and what they want to study, among other search criteria.

An overview of the various types of funding offered by the DAAD or of the programmes offered by other funding organisations for a study stay in Germany. You can find information on various kinds of DAAD funding for foreign students, graduates and postdocs as well as on funding offered by other selected organisations.

The Netherlands Student Grantfinder is an online search engine for those who want to study in the Netherlands and are looking for financial aid. The Grantfinder contains information on a range of dutch scholarships for foreign students.

A grant search engine that is an essential tool for financing your education in France.

Database for scholarships and research grants in Austria

AVEK myöntää hakemuksesta tukea yksityisille henkilöille, yrityksille tai yhteisöille. Tukitoiminta jakaantuu kolmeen pääryhmään: (1) koulutustuki, kulttuurivientituki ja kehittelytuki, (2) lyhyt- ja dokumenttielokuvien sekä mediataiteen tuotantotuki, (3) festivaalien ja muun audiovisuaalisen kulttuurin tuki.