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Dear student, We will collect information on remotely organized support and guidance on this page. We will update the page and we will post links, tips and contact information here. Updated 15.4.2020 9:10.

Study and career counselling psychologists' guidance remotely

Distance learning and the current exceptional situation may evoke a wide range of emotions and affect learning. Study and career counselling psychologists are here to help and support you remotely also during the corona virus outbreak.

You can contact a study psychologist for example when you are looking for help with time management, you procrastinate, you are lacking motivation, you are looking for a study method that suits you or you are experiencing study related stress, anxiety or burnout.

A career counselling psychologist specializes in career management issues and supports you in career and life planning and transition to work. Career counselling supports you in self-knowledge, building a meaningful career, identifying opportunities and making decisions.

The study and career counselling psychology service is available to all Aalto University undergraduate and postgraduate degree students.

Advice line for psychologists: +358 29 44 20080 (weekdays 9-15)

Appointments for study psychologist (remote) guidance:

Appointments for (remote) guidance of a career counselling psychologist:

More information, e.g. online materials produced by psychologists:

Online material to support your wellbeing

Psychological support for Aalto students during corona virus outbreak (MyCourses)

Aalto chaplain contact information

Aalto chaplains are available via email and phone, puh. 050 3652256, puh. 050 4644375

Study counselling

Pia Rydestedt, 050-560 8378 / epost / WhatsApp / TG @piarydestedt

Virpi Riissanen, 050 5645 495/email: /WhatsApp/Telegram

FSHS contact information

Student Healthcare instructions on how to take care of your business during the coronavirus epidemic

Nyyti ry Chat


Home workout on Instagram

Les Mills has opened its online training service for Unisport customers!

How to maintain your daily routines?

Corona virus has created an exceptional situation for all of us. In this kind of situation maintaining everyday routines and rhythm of life becomes important. Distance education and canceled hobbies challenge us to refrain our everyday routines accordingly. Regular everyday patterns and maintaining the rhythm of life help us to bear uncertainty.

  • Sufficient sleep, meals at regular intervals and sun and outdoors whenever possible help to sustain a better mood.
  • It is worth making a daily and weekly plan for the Independent study. You may need to organize your home in a new way to create a space for your study.
  • Rest and recreation should be clearly distinguished from the time spent studying.
  • Ponder what things will bring you joy or have ever produced joy in the past You may have skills and competences that have remained in the feet of other rush. You can now also have time to experiment with things you've always wanted to do. Make a "Winnie the Pooh" list: What things would you do most preferably.
  • If you are accustomed to do a lot of sports, your body needs workout. Cycling, jogging and home workout programs can help. The sun and light are increasing during spring. Walking in the sun in the nearby terrain or on the trails of the seashore increases your personal resources.
  • Keep in contact with nearby people you have good and confidential relationships. Phone call and Skype are good options for messaging.

It may seem difficult to get along with your own fears, uncertainty and anxiety. If you have close people with whom you can chat, consider sharing your feelings. We can all help each other also by listening and contacting individuals who are perhaps lonely.

Worst scenarios, rumors and too intensive monitoring of the corona conversations will increase anxiety. Our body begins to tune into a battle that is not actualizing in real life. For this reason, it is good to help the body to calm down and keep track of reliable sources of information, only a few times a day.  Everyday routines, daily order and focus on them help to withstand uncertainty. It is worth noting that most drugs strengthen anxiety and their use can make it difficult to maintain everyday routine and day rhythm.

Starting Point of Wellbeing

 Normal weekly schedule of the Starting Point of Wellbeing

The Starting Point of Wellbeing offers students advice and guidance on services related to wellbeing. The Starting Point of Wellbeing is open on weekdays 9–15 in room Y199c (Otakaari 1).

In case of exceptions in office hours, there is a note on SPWB door. 

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AYY harassment

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Study counsellors


Aalto chaplains

 Contact information of different services

Aalto chaplains, Fridays 12.30-15

Studying is a lot to handle and of course there is more to life than just studying. If you need someone to talk to, you can turn to the Aalto chaplains. The cornerstones of our work are being present, listening and keeping all student discussions strictly confidential. We want to promote our students’ holistic wellbeing. Why not come meet us and hear more about booking a counselling appointment as well as the online chat service, discussion groups, brunches and other activities we have to offer.

AYY, Friday 9-11.30

The Aalto University Student Union AYY: You can talk to the AYY harassment contact person if you have experienced harassment or misconduct. The appointments are confidential and no measures will be taken without your consent, but if you wish, the harassment contact persons can help you sort out the situation. In addition to individual students, the harassment contact persons provide guidance to student organisations.

FSHS (Finnish student health service), Tue 9–15, Thurs 9–15

Are you worried about a health-related issue? An FSHS nurse is available at the Starting Point of Wellbeing on Tuesdays and Thursdays 9–15 for health counselling and needs assessments.

Study and career counselling psychologists, Monday 9–15

If your studies have stalled or you are worried about your studies or future employment, come meet the Aalto psychologists to discuss how our services could be helpful to you. You will get information on our courses, groups and online services as well as advice on booking a personal counselling appointment.

Study counsellors, Wednesdays 12.30-15

A study counsellor helps in things related to study planning and work life orientation. With a study counsellor, you may discuss for instance different types of admission and selection related issues.

UniSport, Wednesdays 9.45-10.45

Welcome to UniSport! Sports bring joy and energy to your daily life. Are you looking for ways to add more sports to your student life? Or how to ensure that you recover sufficiently after exercising? How is your mobility at the moment? 

The Starting Point of Wellbeing offers students also information about the mental wellbeing services provided by Nyyti ry.