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NOTE! During summer (20 June - 7 August), the services of Aalto psychologists are very limited. The next available times are in August. However, do not hesitate to contact us for support and information via email - you will also receive a reply within 2-3 days during the summer.


Aalto psychologist services for students 2022-2023

You can contact a study psychologist for example when you are looking for help with time management, you find yourself procrastinating, you are lacking motivation, you are looking for a study method that suits you, or you are experiencing study related stress, anxiety or burnout.

A career counselling psychologist specializes in career management issues and supports you in career and life planning, and transition to work. Career counselling supports you in self-knowledge, building a meaningful career, identifying opportunities, and making decisions.

The Aalto psychologists guide and support all undergraduate and doctoral students at Aalto University. The service is free of charge and confidential, and is primarily available via remote options and on campus. You can reserve an appointment through e-mail (instructions below).

Note that you can also meet a psychologist without an appointment, after the summer-break, starting from 29.08.2022 (read more: Starting Point of Wellbeing).

If you need healthcare, you should contact the student health care services, FSHS (if you are a doctoral student, you should contact occupational health care or your local health care center). Also, you can find other sources of information and support (outside Aalto) here: Where to find help?

Courses, workshops and self-study material

The Aalto psychologists organize courses and workshops to help with study skills, wellbeing and career planning. There is also self-study material available on these topics. You can find more information about these courses via this link.

Booking an individual appointment with an Aalto psychologist

You can book an appointment by sending your answers to the following questions from your Aalto email to the encrypted e-mail address . We recommend copying the following questions and pasting them into your email. The privacy notice summary below describes the way we process your responses, as well as any other personal information that is stored during the counselling process.

One of the psychologists will reply to your message via the encrypted email to confirm that your booking has been received. In this reply you’ll find a link to the actual email (see the image below). In the case you do not receive a reply within four business days, check your junk email folder first, and then contact us again.

Name: email:

Phone number:

School: ARTS    BIZ    CHEM    ELEC    ENG    SCI

Degree you are pursuing:     Bachelor      Master      Doctorate      Exchange student


Year you started your current studies at Aalto:

Have you visited an Aalto psychologist before:                No     Yes

Preferred meeting language:     Finnish    English    Swedish

Do you want to meet:     A study psychologist     A career counselling psychologist

Preferred service:     Face-to-face    Video Call    Chat    Telephone call

(For doctoral students: Are you: Employed by Aalto    Employed by another employer    Self-funded/Grant-funded     Unemployed )

What would you like to discuss in the meeting?

Data protection and confidentiality

The Aalto psychologists are healthcare professionals who are licensed by the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (Valvira). The psychologists hold a Master’s degree in psychology and most have had different updating or in-service training.

You might want to talk about things with the psychologist that you don’t want others to find out. The psychologists take confidentiality very serious and always make sure that each discussion remains confidential.

The psychologists take notes during the appointment. Read more about this and archiving procedures here.

You can send us feedback at psychologist(at)

The Aalto psychologists are Mikko Inkinen, Alli Mattila, Henna Niiva, Sanni Saarimäki, Paula Sjöblom and Meeri Anttila, and the career counselling psychologist is Seija Leppänen, and psychologist for doctoral students is Marja Turunen. They are based at the Aalto University's Otaniemi campus (address: Otakaari 1, Espoo).

If you want to find their personal Aalto-e-mail or read more information about the psychologists, you can find them in Aalto People.