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Under an agreement between Aalto and the Espoo Parish Union, Aalto has two university chaplains, known also as Aalto chaplains:

Anu Morikawa
tel. 050 4644 375

Anna Poutiainen
tel. 050 365 2256

In their work, the Aalto chaplains encounter both students and staff and they are available to all members of the Aalto community regardless of religion or worldview. You can also turn to them if you need help in finding others who share your religion.

You can contact the Aalto chaplains whenever you want to speak to someone in confidence about anything related to work, personal relationships or your life situation in general. Aalto chaplains have a strict confidentiality obligation. Life is made up of various areas, which are not always easily compatible. If you feel like your life is a never-ending series of tasks, it might be a good idea to stop for a minute to think about your current resources. In the best-case scenario, the Aalto chaplains’ work is preventive: it is better to start organising your thoughts or making changes to your life situation when you still have the energy to look ahead. It is also easier to try out new ways of managing your life when you are still able to function. While it is sometimes enough to talk to a friend or relative, getting ‘outside help’ can open up new perspectives.

You can also turn to the Aalto chaplains in time of grief, whether related to a personal loss or an event affecting the whole workplace community.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Aalto chaplains regarding any major or minor questions in life. You can book an appointment by email or telephone. The Aalto chaplains’ office is located at the Undergraduate Centre in room M136.