In Helsinki (as in all of Finland) there are four seasons: a short spring, a warm or mild summer with seemingly endless daylight, an autumn famous for its spectacular colours and a cold winter marked by short days.


You will have arrived as thoughts are turning to autumn. From the beginning of September to early November, you will see the fantastic changing and falling leaves. You will feel the crisp autumn air that brings you the eye-catching views of a colourful season that is defined by deep reds, bright oranges and pale yellows in parks and neighbourhoods.


Real wintertime usually begins in December in Southern Finland when the permanent snow arrives. Generally on the coast and in Southern Finland there’s not usually that much permanent snow but the temperature can go below -10 ºC. The days get shorter towards the end of the year (until the winter solstice – Dec 21/22) and it can be quite dark during the daytime from November to February. Warm winter clothes are not a luxury in Finland. If you do not have winter clothes, i.e. a thick, warm jacket, boots, gloves and a proper winter hat which covers your ears, be prepared to buy them in Finland if you intend to stay over the winter. Although it is cold outside, the buildings are properly heated and you should never feel cold inside.


April is when spring starts in the Helsinki region. The snow is melting and rubber boots can be the order of the day (or season). The melting is a sign that life is coming back to nature although it can be a wet and muddy experience. Summer is just around the corner!


There is lots of light (20 hours daylight in the middle of the summer) and greenery. This is a wonderful time to be in Finland. The summer months are June, July and August, and the temperature rises above 20ºC.