Replaces the old course

DOM-Exxx Introduction to the Department of Media 1 cr

(NOTE! Students who have started before 2020 expand this course to meet the old requirements with an additional assigment.)

DOM-E0000 Understanding Media, Art and Design, 4 cr

DOM-E0004 Understanding Media, Art and Design, 3 cr

DOM-Exxx Research Skills with Focus on Photography 4 cr + DOM-Exxx Advanced Information Retrieval 1 cr

DOM-E0001 Research Skills/Tutkimustaidot, 4 cr

DOM-E0001 Research Skills/Tutkimustaidot, 5 cr

DOM-E3038 Artistic Work Seminar/Taiteellisen työn seminaari 6 cr

DOM-E3003 From Theme to Analysis I, 6

DOM-E3037 Working Life Skills 4 cr

DOM-E3004 Presentation Skills, 3

DOM-Exxx History of Contemporary Photography 4 cr

DOM-E3xxx  Photography Theory 5 cr

DOM-E3006 History of Photography, 3

DOM-E3007 Theory of Photography, 6

DOM-E3006 Theory of Photography and History of Contemporary Photography, 9 op

DOM-E3040 Writing Artist 4 cr  

DOM-E3029 Writing Artist I, 4

DOM-E3043 Master’s Thesis Seminar 3 cr

DOM-E3028 Master’s Thesis Seminar, 5

Courses that can be used to complete requirement of photography workshops:

DOM-ExxxPhotobook Design and Creation6-9
DOM-ExxxDocumentary Projects6
DOM-EXXXXExperimental Studio6
DOM-EXXXXMoving Image6
DOM-EXXXXMA Exhibition Project6
DOM-EXXXXWorkshop by a Visiting Teacher2-9
DOM-EXXXXProcess Workshop2-9
DOM-EXXXXThematic Workshop2-9