Master's Programme in Real Estate Investment and Finance

Real estate investments represent a large share of the wealth universe as well as of the portfolios of institutional investors, being thus an important field of specialisation in finance. Due to the special characteristics of real estate investments, operating in the real estate business requires knowledge of the functions and processes on the markets. This is what the Real Estate Investment and Finance programme at Aalto is about.

The Master’s programme in Real Estate Investment and Finance is a two-year (120 ECTS) programme leading to a Master of Science (Tech) degree. The programme courses are offered by Aalto University Department of Real Estate, Planning and Geoinformatics. 

The programme offers a holistic understanding of the operations in real estate markets and investments. After the programme, you are able to perform investment analyses of individual real estate investments and portfolios, and conduct market analysis. In addition, you gain knowledge on real estate management, development and the relevant legislation related to real estate. The programme combines theoretical knowledge with extensive hands-on work in assignments and case studies.

The programme provides a Master’s degree of international standard and quality that gives the students the required knowledge to work in the fields of real estate and financial intermediation.The programme prepares students to professional positions in real estate, such as real estate analyst, commercial advisor, real estate manager and researcher.

You will study:

  • Analysis of real estate investments and portfolios, both in theory and practise
  • Theories and their use in explaining the dynamics of real estate markets
  • Operations and roles of different actors, such as real estate investor, developer and agent.