Curriculum 2012 - 2014

SDE is now two Master's programs

In the fall of 2012, the SDE Master's program has undergone two major changes.

Firstly, there are now two parallel SDE programs at Aalto:

  • The Aalto "home" SDE program. This is a two year Master's program where the student studies the full two years at Aalto.
  • The EIT (European Institute of Technology) SDE program. This is also a two-year program, but the student will study each year at a different university.

The other major chance is that the Aalto SDE Master's program has undergone a rather fundamental restucturing. The key point of this restructuring are:

  • The Aalto Ventures Program (AVP) is now a part of the Aalto SDE program and provides the framework for Entrepreneurial studies in the SDE program. For more information on the AVP program, visit the program's pages here.
  • A simplified program structure with just two tracks (and the option to include the Aalto Ventures Program into the studies alongside either track). The new tracks are "Service technologies" and "Service systems". The student should choose one of the tracks as his/her specialization.
  • The number of elective credits in the program has been increased. As a result, a larger part of the studies can now be selected by the students to allow the students to better tailor their own studies to fit their own visions their careers.

Aalto SDE curriculum

The full curriculum for the two years of the Aalto SDE Master's program can be found here.

EIT SDE curriculum

The curriculum for the first (entry) year of the EIT SDE at the Aalto University can be found here.

The curriculum for the second year will depend on which university the student is assigned for the second (exit) year.