A personal study plan (HOPS) is made in Sisu, new electronic student information system.

For instructions on how to make a HOPS, please see instructions on creating study plan. The study plan will be checked by the study coordinator and if required, by the professor. You will receive more information and guidance on making the plan during orientation week (please see orientation week schedule). In addition, please register to courses held in I period at WebOodi.

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Creating a personal study plan in Sisu
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Study calendar view in Sisu
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What is a Personal Study Plan?

Personal study plan (also known as HOPS) is the student’s plan for completing the degree, which includes:

Study blocks included in the degree (1st year: common studies, summer school, internship + 2nd year: specialisation, thesis)

  • Courses included in the study blocks
  • Schedule for completing the degree, i.e. the courses placed in study years, terms and teaching periods

Making the HOPS is a mandatory part of studies. MSc students make their HOPS in the beginning of their studies.

In the beginning of 1st autumn term, SECCLO students plan their HOPS for 1st academic year at Aalto. The 60 ECTS of the first year consists of 33 ECTS of mandatory courses, 5 ECTS of summer school, 2-5 ECTS of internship and 17-20 ECTS of elective courses. Please see SECCLO 1st year curriculum for more information.

The final selection of the specialization will take place during the first-year spring term when SECCLO students are selected for the 2nd year university. For more information, please see selection of second-year specialization. SECCLO students plan 2nd year studies at the 2nd year university.

What is the HOPS needed for?

The study plan is a binding agreement on both parties: the student and the university. It grants the student with a right to study according to the approved, official personal study plan, but at the same time, obliges the student to follow his or her study plan. Any deviation from the study plan must be checked first with the student services of your programme.

The approved HOPS is used in many administrative processes, for example:

  • Graduation: The diploma will be compiled based on the approved HOPS, so it is important that the HOPS is up to date when ordering the diploma.

Even though making the HOPS is mandatory and it is used in many administrative processes, the HOPS is first and foremost meant to be a tool for the students. Drafting your personal study plan helps you to plan your studies and keep track of their progress. When you have considered your goals, chosen the courses accordingly and drafted a realistic and target-oriented schedule for completing these studies, you have a map for making your plans a reality.

It is always possible to update the personal study plan later on, so do not worry, the first HOPS does not have to be the final plan.

How to plan your studies?

The personal study plan is drafted in the beginning of your studies, but note that it is beneficial for you to start planning your studies well in advance.

  1. Check the 1st year curriculum and pick courses as instructed.
  2. Next consider what your own interests and goals are, and what do you want to learn and what skills to develop during your studies (in addition to the professional and academic skills, e.g. language studies, communication skills etc.).
  3. It is good to keep in mind that your study time is limited. SECCLO programme is completed in two years, and therefore you have to complete at least 60 ECTS per year.
  4. It is rather likely that as your studies proceed, your plans may change for one reason or another. The study plan can – and needs to be – always updated according to your own situation and goals.

If you need help in planning your studies

If you want to discuss your plans with someone or if you need guidance, you can always contact the student services.

All students will be also assigned a personal teacher tutor. You can contact your tutor if you want to discuss for example your studies, career plans, thesis topic etc.

After your HOPS has been approved you can always update it if your plans change.

When should the HOPS be sent for approval again?

  • If you make any changes in your HOPS.

Note that it may take up to two weeks for your HOPS to be approved.

Study skills

Study skills: Have you considered what studying means to you, what is the best way for you to learn or how you can make your studies run smoothly? 

Study skills consist of a number of areas, such as the management of study methods, self-management, acting in a community and regulation of personal emotions. Study skills are something you can learn, and these pages include ideas for developing your skills as well as links for sources of additional information.