Basic information of the minor

Code: ENG3049

Extent: 25 cr

Language: English

Teacher in charge: Elina Kähkönen

Target Group: All Aalto’s Bachelor students

Application procedure: The selection process is primarily based on a motivation letter. However, possible interviews may be held amongst students with equally competent motivation letters.

Quotas and restrictions: 35 students

Prerequisites: no

Content and structure of the minor

Aaltonaut is an interdisciplinary minor subject aimed at Bachelor’s level students. The studies will be taught partly in English.  Although the minor subject 25 credits can be made up of Aaltonaut courses, the study plan also allows for some flexibility and course options to supplement the offering. In addition to the Aaltonaut minor subject, Aaltonaut students are offered integrated language and communications studies, internship possibilities, exchange studies and an interdisciplinary Bachelor’s seminar (up to 50 credits).

Realisation of Aaltonaut courses is based on inquiry- and problem-based learning as well as group work in interdisciplinary groups. The program includes mentoring for professional development. Students who have completed the minor subject will have a command of the basics of product development from business, design and engineering points of view. The general learning goals of the minor subject are reinforcing an entrepreneurial attitude and refining teamwork and communication skills.

We believe that completing the Aaltonaut minor subject will make the graduating Bachelors more attractive when competing for positions in Master’s degree programmes and entering working life. 35 bachelor's degree students of Aalto University will be selected to start their Aaltonaut studies every fall (see The student selection process is based on a motivation letter, preferably written in English. Interviews will be organized within students with the same competence, and this should be taken into account during the selection process. All accepted students will be invited to the Bootcamp, which is a launch-off weekend session in the end of November.

Further information is available from Program director Elina Kähkönen ( (and 

Structure of the minor




Core courses



Professional Development



Product Analysis



Designing an Electronic Device for Business and Production


Elective courses


Choose so many courses below that the Minor will be at least 25 cr


 Entrepreneurship in Aalto 1


Challence Breakers



ADD BASICS: Working in the Digital Paradigm



Product Sustainability



Research Project V