Code: SCI3089

Extent: 20-25 cr

Language: English

Teacher in charge: Marina Biniari, Peter Kelly

Target group: All master's students with sufficient prerequisite knowledge

Application procedure: Open for all students of Aalto University

Quotas and restrictions: No quotas

Prerequisites: -

Content and structure of the minor

The minor provides students with the knowledge, concepts, and tools to develop capabilities and enhance their effectiveness in creating, adding to, on investing in new businesses from within existing organizations and/or through the collaboration with parties in the broader ecosystem of an organization. Such expertise is required is required in leading and transforming existing organizations by building and championing growth-oriented new business.

Success in new business development for incumbent organizations requires: a) the identification and refinement of unique growth opportunities (ideation and creativity); b) the deployment of appropriate resources needed to build new business models from those opportunities (incubation); and c) the championing and launching of those new business models to market, with the intent to merge them successfully with the incumbent company (acceleration and integration).

Thus, this minor enables the students to understand the important linkage between creativity, organizational innovation, corporate venturing, and corporate strategy for the successful creation of sustainable new businesses from within incumbent organizations. The minors draws its knowledge basis on design thinking, the lean-start up methodology, and the corporate innovation, corporate venturing, and corporate entrepreneurship. It prepares graduates for a holistic understanding of how business opportunities can be successful explored and exploited by incumbent organizations.

The primary learning outcomes of the Creativity and Venturing minor are to:

  • Develop capabilities in how new business opportunities can be identified and vetted within existing organizations or in collaboration with third parties in the broader ecosystem of an existing organization
  • Develop capabilities to prototype and validate new business models from business opportunities in existing established organizations
  • Develop capabilities to analyze sources of competitive advantage in new business models
  • Develop capabilities to (re)design agile, growth-focused, entrepreneurial-oriented organizations by facilitating the integration of new ventures within existing organizations

The capabilities developed in the minor are valuable for many career options including business development, venturing, and innovation functions in corporations; management consulting; founders/CEOs in startups, positions in venture capital and private equity firms or other organizations building and transforming technology-based business.






Compulsory course

TU-E1021Strategies for Growth and Renewal5III-IV
Compulsory courses, choose 1-2 courses
TU-E4040Opportunity Prototyping3I
TU-E4060Design and Innovation in Context6II
Elective courses, choose from the list below:

Project course in corporate entrepreneurship (e.g. varying content courses)* 5-10

Entrepreneurship electives as needed:

TU-E4030Entrepreneurial Finance 5IV
TU-E4050Entrepreneurial Leadership 5V
TU-E4070Entrepreneurial Marketing 5IV
TU-E4080Managing Innovative Sales 3II
TU-E4090Managing Innovative Sales, exercises 3II
TU-E2130Operations Management for New Ventures 3-5III-IV
TU-E4040Opportunity Prototyping 3I
TU-E4060Design and Innovation in Context 6II
23E85000Storytelling - A Narrative Approach for Entreprenership 3I
25E18000Sustainable Enterpreneurship6IV
25E50000Venture Ideation6I
25E44000Venture Formation6II
CS-E5100Introduction to IT Business and Venturing2I-II
CS-E5390Seminar on Law and Technology, "Exploitation of IPR"3IV
TU-E4011High Growth Enterpreneurship with varying content1-20
MEC-E3001Product Development Project10I-V
ENG-E3102Global Team-based Design Innovation10I-V
CS-E5440Growth and Internationalization of Technology SME's4V

 *) to be agreed in advance with professor in charge of the minor.