Basic information of the minor

Code: BIZ40200

Extent: 24 ECTS

Language: English

Teacher in charge: Saija Katila

Target group: Master’s students

Application procedure: The general application procedure for minors at Aalto University, see application periods and instructions Hakuohjeet

Degree students at Aalto School of Business do not need to apply for a study right for this minor.

Quotas and restrictions: During the academic year 2017-18, maximum of 5 students from other Aalto schools can be granted a study right for the minor. Of this quota, 3 places remain open for applicants in the September 2017 application period.

Content and structure of the minor

The aim of the minor in Management and International Business is to focus on working and interacting with diverse people in the various contexts of the global economy, and it offers competences that enable graduates to respond to strategic and organizational challenges in a creative, responsible and interdisciplinary manner.

When planning minor studies, please take into consideration that some of the courses may have defined limitations as to course sizes and priorities in participation. Information required is provided in the course descriptions.

Compulsory course is 26E03600 Introduction to Management and International Business (book exam) that has to be completed before other studies.

Structure of the minor

1) Replaces course 21E90000 Managing Innovation and Change; Prerequisite: 21E00030 Strategy Work

2) Prerequisite: 21E16000 Sustainable Business and Consumption

3) Replaces course 21E11000 Corporate Responsibility in Global Economy

4) Replaces course 26E00200 Rising China - Business and State

5) Prerequisite: 26E03100 Driving Global Businesses