Basic information of the minor

Not offered in 2017-2018. Offered next time in fall 2018.

Code: ARTS3050

Extent: 15 ECTS

Language: English

Organizing Department: Department of Media

Teachers in charge: Markus Joutsela, Packaging design researcher and teacher

Administrative contact: Study Coordinator Sara Rönkkönen

Target group: Aalto University students who are interested in packaging design and interested in working with real projects.

The Pack-Age minor prepares students for project work typical in working life, often involving cooperation with experts from many different fields. The student learns to utilize one’s special competence as part of a project and thus strengthen the team's expertise.

Applying to a minor: Minor is not offered in 2017-2018. Application procedure: Students apply by means of written motivation letters. The motivation letter should include the following information

  • Why are you applying and what expectations do you have for Pack-Age?
  • What are you enthusiastic about and what interests you in packaging?
  • What kind of competence do you bring to the project?
  • Do you have experience of project work or experience with packaging industry?
  • Would be interested in serving as project manager in your group,
  • Do you have a lot of other studies going on simultaneously?
  • Why should you be selected for the minor?

Based on motivation letters, the teachers of Pack-Age will form the project groups before the course begins. Each project group should have highly motivated students from different disciplines and backgrounds. One student serves as the project manager in each group. The project teams are often multinational.

Selection criteria:
  • Motivation
  • Educational background
  • Interest and experience
  • Suitability for the project
  • Available time (not many overlapping courses)
Quotas and restrictions: TBA Study right: One academic year. Prerequisites: Please see application procedure and quotas and restrictions.

Content and structure of the minor

The minor is taught in collaboration between four different schools: Aalto ARTS, Aalto BIZ, Aalto CHEM and Lahti Institute of Design and Fine Arts. Pack-Age is organised by the Aalto ARTS Master's Programme in Graphic Design.

Learning outcomes

Content outcomes:

  • The student understands the many purposes of a package and knows how the packaging value chain is constructed. S/he understands how a package can serve different stakeholders in different phases of the product's life cycle.
  • The student knows the principles of visual, structural and user-centred packaging design that complies with sustainable development, and is able to evaluate the feasibility of a packaging solution from many different perspectives.

Skill outcomes:

  • As a part of a project group the student is able to create a fit-for-purpose design solution taking into account the client, product, environment, and the user.
  • The student is able to present and justify their design solution. S/he can describe from a number of perspectives what kind of impact the design has and what value it brings.
  • The student is familiar with good project work practices and can function responsibly as a member of a project group and knows how to communicate with various stakeholders.

Content of the Minor

The students work in groups on company projects. The learning tasks involve designing future packaging concepts and package prototypes. The learning content consists of theme lectures and workshops as well as independent and supervised group work.
Teaching is based on collaboration between different teachers and schools. Utilizing competence and cooperation networks makes it possible to offer more comprehensive and holistic approach to teaching and learning packaging design.

The teaching themes are:

  • Graphic design and packaging structures
  • Material technology and packaging engineering
  • Sustainable product design
  • Design for user experience
  • Marketing, branding and consumer research
  • Package development and model making

Structure of the minor

The minor is organised as one long project-style course. Teaching takes place in autumn 2018. Prior to the start of teaching, the project groups will be created on the basis of the applicants' skills, backgrounds and interests.