Code: ENG3083

Language: English

Teacher in charge: Assistant professor Luc St-Pierre

Administrative contact: Planning Officer Saara Kanerva

Extent: 20-25 cr

Target group: All Aalto students, with sufficient prerequisite knowledge. Not for Computational Engineering or Mechanical and Structural Engineering (Kone- ja rakennustekniikka) major students. MSc and ENG BSc students should check with their own study programme that this minor can be included in the degree.

Prerequisites for the minor: Matrix algebra and Differential an Integral Calculus 1, students are requested to check the prerequisites of the individual courses before signing up.

CodeNameECTS cr.Period
COE-C1001Statics and Dynamics5II
COE-C2001Foundations of Solid Mechanics5II
COE-C2003Basic course on Fluid Mechanics5I
COE-C3005Finite Element and Finite Difference


ENG-A1003Numerical Methods in Engineering5III