Code: ELEC3057

Extent: 20-25 credits

Language: English

Teacher in charge: Assistant professor Stephan Sigg

Administrative contact: Planning Officer Elsa Kivi-Koskinen

Target group: All bachelor's students with sufficient prerequisite knowledge. Not for Digital Systems and Design major students.

Application procedure: Open for all students of Aalto University

Quotas and restrictions: No quotas.

Prerequisites: Basic skills in programming (e.g. CS-A1111/CS-A1113 Basics in Programming Y1 or CS-A1110 Programming 1), and 1st year math courses for engineers or equivalent knowledge. A basic command of python programming language or the ability to adopt it independently is required. Students are requested to check the prerequisites of the courses before signing up.

Content and structure of the minor

Compulsory course:
ELEC-A7200Signals and Systems*5I-II
Optional courses. Choose 15-20 cr:
ELEC-A7160Algorithms and Data Structures for Digital Systems*5I-II
ELEC-A7050Basics in programming*5I-II
ELEC‐A5240Computer Lab in Digital Signal Processing Basics*5I-II
ELEC-A7151Object oriented programming with C++*5V
ELEC‐C9800Design in Engineering5I-II
ELEC-C7420Basic principles in Networking5III-IV
ELEC‐C9600Electronic circuits5IV-V
ELEC‐C5310Introduction to Estimation, Detection and Learning5III-IV
ELEC‐C8201Control and Automation5III-IV
ELEC-E8001Embedded Real-Time Systems5I-II
ELEC‐C9410Photonics and optical communications5I-II

* Students that have studied other courses with identical or similar content in their studies are required to choose other optional courses.