Code: BIZ412000
Extent: 24 op
Language: English
Contact person: Professor Teemu Kautonen
Application procedure: Instructions for applying 2018-2020

Degree students at Aalto School of Business do not need to separately apply for a study right for the minor.
Quotas and restrictions: No limited intake of students. No restrictions.


Minor studies in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management (EIM) are designed to provide students with 1) the mindset and skills for new business creation be it in independent start-ups or in the context of established organisations, and 2) a broader understanding of entrepreneurship and innovation from individual, organisational and societal perspectives.
A defining feature of the curriculum is a pronounced emphasis on action learning. Among other things, you will find yourself pitching business ideas to real investors and potential customers, analysing business cases and developing strategies for innovative products and services, and exercising enterprising competencies in real-life settings.

Completing a minor in EIM gives you the ability to

generate new business ideas in a systematic manner, using appropriate tools and concepts

    • generate new business ideas in a systematic manner, using appropriate tools and concepts
    • take steps to strategically exploit new business opportunities

    • create, test and pitch new business models

    • lead and manage complex business projects

In addition, the minor studies provide you with a thorough understanding of

the role of entrepreneurship and innovation in social, sustainable and economic value creation in different contexts, such as for-profit venture initiatives (start-ups, innovations emerging from established organisations), sustainable cooperative firms and social enterprises

  • entrepreneurship and innovation as multi-faceted phenomena from the perspectives of individuals, firms and society

Structure of studies 24 cr

Mandatory courses 12 cr

Electives 12 cr

1) The course is usually taught by a visiting lecturer. The topic can very year by year. The course is not necessarily provided every year.
*) Not available anymore

 Other Course substitutions must be approved in advance, contact your Planning Officer.