Basic information of the minor

Code: ARTS3049

Extent: 15 or 25 ECTS

Language: English

Department in charge: Media

Teachers in charge: Miikka Junnila

Target group: Only masters level students.

Application procedure:

Internal mobility: Application time for Aalto University students for Game Design and Production minor subject studies (15 or 25 credits) is 15.-31.5. Instructions for applying: Instructions for applying Applications only during spring application time.

Students from other Finnish universities apply during the JOO application time 1-30.4. via JOOPAS

Needed attachments are a transcript of records and a motivation letter. In the letter the applicant describes one's background and experience relating to the minor subject applied for as well as indicates one's learning objectives. We strongly recommend that the applicants provide links to videos and/or other documentation about their past games, software, art, design etc.

Selection criteria: 1) educational background relating to the minor subject, 2) working experience or other experience relating to the minor subject and 3) feasible learning goals relating to the minor subject.

Quotas and restrictions:  3-10 students.

Prerequisites: Please see application procedure and quotas and restrictions.

Content and structure of the minor

Learning outcomes

The learning outcomes of the minor are

  • to understand what games and game design are,
  • how games are analyzed and
  • how they are made in multidisciplinary groups.


The minor subject in game design and production offers the student an opportunity to understand more about games and game production. Alternative versions are worth of 15 ECTS or 25 ECTS.

We encourage students to choose this 25 ECTS version of the minor subject, as that gives the student a full experience of the hands-on aspect of game design and production during the game project. We hope that the applicant has a strong interest in games and experience in some relevant skill like for example game design, art, animation or programming.

Structure of the minor

Game Design and Game Analysis courses are obligatory for all Games minor students. Game Project is either 5 ECTS credits or 15 ECTS depending on the size of the minor studies.








Game design



Game analysis



Game project