Code: SCI3098

Extent: 25 ECTS

Language: English

Teacher in charge: Prof. Antti Oulasvirta

Administrative contact: Anu Kuusela

Target group and prerequisites: The minor is suitable for technically oriented students in Aalto University who want to deepen their understanding of modern topics in interactive technology, including applications in web technology, robotics, machine learning, visualizations etc. Suitable educational backgrounds include, but are not limited to: computer science, communications and networking, electrical engineering, automation, control engineering, robotics, computer vision, computer graphics, web technology, and interactive media. Formal eligibility criteria are the same as in the major.  

In addition, the minor welcomes students from the University of Helsinki with a sufficient technical background.

Application process:

  • Students in CCIS: No application procedure. 
  • Students of Aalto University not in CCIS: The application period is twice per year through the general application procedure for minors at Aalto University, see Instructions for applying.
  • Students of University of Helsinki: Application through the Flexible Study Right Agreement (JOO).  

Applicants are requested to submit the following documents with the application: 1) brief letter of interest and 2) study transcripts from all degrees with grades.

Quotas and restrictions: The number of students is not restricted but the students are selected based on 1) suitability of previous studies, 2) progress in studies, and 3) motivation letter. The minor reserves a right to reject the application if the prerequisites of the minor are not met.

Content and structure

Minor in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) covers basics of the field and introduces core technical areas.

The minor consists of 25 credits in 5 courses:

CS-C3120Human-Computer Interaction5 ECTS
CS-E4200Emergent User Interfaces5 ECTS
CS-E4840Information Visualization5 ECTS
ELEC-E7890User Research5 ECTS


Computational User Interface Design/
Engineering for Humans