Code: BIZ40903

Extent: 24 credits

Language: English

Responsible professors: Alexei Gloukhovtsev

Administrative contact: Planning Officer Tatiana Penttinen

Target group: School of Business degree students only

Application procedure: Degree students at Aalto School of Business do not need to separately apply for a study right for the minor.

Upon the completion of the Minor in Strategic Marketing, the student will:

  • understand how marketing contributes to the competitive advantage and financial performance of a firm;
  • understand the challenges brought about by competition, industry characteristics and firm’s environment more broadly;
  • be able to develop a firm’s strategy and business model in a market-oriented way; and
  • be able to make strategic decisions about what kind of products, services, and business models the firm (or other organization) should develop and how.

Structure of studies 24 cr

Choose 6-12 cr from the following courses:

1) Self-study course, offered only for non-Finnish speaking Aalto School of Business MSc-students.

Choose 12-18 cr from the following courses:

2) Replaces courses 23E53010 Brand Performance Management, 23E53000 Brands in Strategic Marketing and 23E53050 Merkkituotteet strategisessa markkinoinnissa.

*) Course Marketing Analytics can be covered by Reading Package ‘23C01000 Contemporary Issues in Marketing’. Reading Package has to meet the requirements of the Minor and must be appoved by teacher in charge. Please contact Tatiana Penttinen in this case.