Code: CHEM3030

Extent: 20–25 cr

Please check the minimum scope of the minor from your own programme.

Language: English

Professor in charge: Sandip Bankar

Target group: Master's students

Application procedure: Open for all students of Aalto University.

Quotas and restrictions: Please note, that in some courses the number of participants can be limited. In those cases, Biotechnology major students will have the priority.

Prerequisites: While making your study plan, you should verify that you have the prerequisites needed for the courses.


The Biotechnology minor gives multidisciplinary knowledge of biotechnology and engineering with applications. The minor gives an understanding of molecular level biological phenomena, including modeling and application. At the core of the teaching are metabolism, microbiology and bioprocess engineering.  The minor also offers courses covering genetic engineering and synthetic biology, and development of biotechnological processes.
The minor Biotechnology applies knowledge in the fields of biotechnology, chemistry and process engineering.

Learning outcomes

After completing the Biotechnology minor, the students have the competencies to:

  1. Contribute to the integration of biotechnology to chemical and process engineering in generation of commercially interesting products
  2. Suggest key methods for analysis in biotechnology based on the physiology of pro- and eukaryotic cells
  3. Provide information on general unit operations and bioreactor performance with a contribution to selected quantification methods including modelling of cellular and enzymatic activities

Content and structure of the minor

For the minor (20–25 credits) all students have to take the same compulsory studies of 15 cr. Additionally the student needs to select specialisation studies of 5–10 cr.

Structure of the minor





Mandatory courses


CHEM-E3190Metabolism D5I-II






Bioprocess Technology II



Elective courses


Choose so many courses below that the Minor will be at least 20 cr

CHEM-E3150Biophysical Chemistry D5III
CHEM-E3170Systems Biology*5IV–V, even years
CHEM-E3205Bioprocess Optimization and Simulation5I
CHEM-E8115Cell Factory D5III
CHEM-E8120Cell Biology**5II
CHEM-E8125Synthetic Biology5IV–V

*The number of students pursuing a minor that may take these courses depends on number of students taking these in their major. Course is offered even years.

**CHEM-E8120 Cell Biology** is prerequisite for CHEM-E3170 Systems Biology.