Code: CHEM3040

Extent: 15–25 cr.

Please check the minimum scope of the minor from your own programme.

Language: English

Professor in charge: Tapani Vuorinen

Administrative contact: Jenny Thors

Target group: Bachelor and Master's degree students

Application procedure: Students need to submit a motivation letter, showing their commitment to participate MUO-E0101 CHEMARTS Summer School 2.0.

Quotas and restrictions: See possible quotas for individual courses.

Prerequisites: No

Content and structure of the minor

CHEMARTS is an interdisciplinary minor program, organized jointly by the Aalto School of Chemical Engineering (CHEM) and the Aalto School of Arts, Design and Architecture (ARTS).

The main objectives of the CHEMARTS minor are to inspire students with varying backgrounds to explore biomaterials together, and to create new concepts for the sustainable use of cellulose and other wood-based materials. The minor combines scientific materials research with creative practices and design thinking. The approach is experimental and student-driven.

Learning outcomes

After completing CHEMARTS minor students understand the basics of scientific materials research related to biomaterials. They are familiar with the most common working methods used in materials research and design practice. Students work mainly in teams and experience the strengths and challenges of interdisciplinary collaboration, and they understand how to apply the knowledge to their forthcoming projects. Students know how to follow the latest developments of biomaterials related research and business.

Structure of the minor

‘Plant Biomass’ and ‘Design Meets Biomaterials’ are introductory courses that are offered in the autumn and spring semesters, respectively. After finalizing at least one of the introductory courses, students can continue with the more advanced courses ‘CHEMARTS Summer School 2.0’ and/or ‘CHEMARTS Project’. Students can do their CHEMARTS project in the autumn or spring term or during summer. Students may form the minor with any combination of these courses if they form together at least 15 cr.

CHEM-A1610 Design Meets Biomaterials3-5IV–V
MUO-E0101CHEMARTS Summer School 2.05Summer
CHEM‐E1100Plant Biomass5I
CHEM-E0180CHEMARTS Project5-10I - summer

(Check the minimum scope of the minor studies in your own program.)