Code: CHEM3055

Language: English

Teacher in charge: Michael Hummel

Administrative contact: Jenny Thors

Extent: 20-25 cr.

Please check the minimum scope of the minor from your own programme.

Study objectives: In the Chemical engineering minor students get an insight to a transition from an oil-based to a sustainable society. Utilizing natural resources is vital for a sustainable way of living and will be crucial for future economic growth, as it will provide also new business opportunities.

The minor starts with basics in chemistry, and based on student’s interests, continues by getting familiar to biosciences, biomaterials, biomaterial processing, or by deepening the knowledge in basic chemistry.

Target Group: All Aalto students, with sufficient prerequisite knowledge. Not for Chemical Engineering major students or for students of the Bachelor's Programme in Chemical Technology (ei Kemian tekniikan kandidaattiohjelman opiskelijoille). MSc students should check with their own study programme that this minor can be included in the degree.

Application process: With an email to the administrative contact before 1.9. Study plan should be attached to the application.  

Quotas and restrictions: Max 10 students per year.

Content and structure of the minor

CodeNameECTS cr.Period
Compulsory courses
CHEM-C1220 Principles of General and Organic Chemistry5I (Autumn)
CHEM-C1240General Chemistry Laboratory Course5II (Autumn)
Optional courses, choose 2-3 courses (note prerequisities)
CHEM-C1300Fundamental Biosciences5III-IV (Spring)
CHEM-C1230Principles of Physical Chemistry5I - II (Autumn)
CHEM-C2310Bioprocess Technology5IV-V (Spring)
CHEM-C2330Biochemistry5 I (Autumn)
CHEM-C2340Industrial Biomass Processes5III - IV (Spring)
ELEC-D8710Principles of Materials Science5III-V (Spring)
CHEM-E1100Plant Biomass5I (Autumn)
CHEM-C3420Basics of Polymer Technology5I-II (Autumn)
CHEM-A1610Design Meets Biomaterials3 - 5IV-V (Spring)