Code: SCI3096

Extent: 20-25 credits

Language: English

Teacher in charge: Prof. Aki Vehtari

Administrative contact: Planning Officer Emma Perilä

Target group: All Aalto students, with sufficient prerequisite knowledge. Not for Data Science major students. M.Sc. students should check with their own study programme that this minor can be included in the degree.

Application procedure: Open for all students of Aalto University.

Quotas and restrictions: No quotas.

Prerequisites: Basic courses in engineering mathematics (or equivalent knowledge) and either CS-A1110 Programming 1 (follow-up course CS-A1120) or CS-A1111/CS-A1113 Basics in Programming Y1 (follow-up course CS-A1121/ CS-A1123). Students are requested to check the prerequisites of the courses before signing up. Some of the optional courses for the minor subject are quite demanding.

Content and structure of the minor

CodeNameECTSPeriodSuggested year
Choose one of the following (see the instructions above), 5 cr:
CS-A1120Programming 2*5IV-Vyear 1
CS-A1121 (in Finnish)/
CS-A1123 (in English)
Basics in Programming Y2*5IV-Vyear 1
Compulsory courses, 10 cr:
CS-C3240Machine Learning5III-IVyear 2
MS-C1342Linear algebra5Vyear 2
Optional courses. Choose 5-10 cr:
MS-C1620Statistical Inference5III-IV
CS-C3120Human-Computer Interaction5I-II
MS-C2128Prediction and time-series analysis5II
CS-E3190Principles of Algorithmic Techniques5I-II
CS-E4650Methods of Data Mining5I-II
CS-E5710Bayesian Data Analysis5I-II
CS-E4800Artificial Intelligence5III-IV
CS-E4840Information Visualization5IV

*Students who have Programming 2 in their basic studies, cannot include Basics in Programming Y2 in the minor. If Programming 2 or Basics in Programming Y2 are placed elsewhere in the degree, students should choose one more optional course instead.