Basic information

Code: BIZ31200

Extent: 18-24 ECTS

Language: English and Finnish / Suomi (osa kursseista englanniksi)

Organizing department: School of Business, Department of Economics

Teachers in charge: Marko Terviö

Administrative contact: Elina Yrjänäinen

Target group: All Aalto students

Application procedure: All Aalto students can choose this minor. However, many courses have limited number of seats and students are selected according to the order of priority confirmed in the course description.  You should pay attention to the course-specific prerequisites and make sure you meet them in order to succeed in the courses.

Content and structure of the minor

A minor in economics provides a basic understanding of fundamental economic theories and institutions, as well as an ability to apply the knowledge in practical settings. The study module develops both analytical thinking and academic insights and it qualifies students to understand the connection between micro- and macroeconomic questions.

Structure of studies 18-24 cr

If the mandatory course in the minor is a compulsory part of your degree and is settled in e.g. the module Liiketoimintaosaamisen perusteet, the minimum extent for the minor is 18 ECTS credits. In other cases, the minimum is 24 ECTS credits, including the course Taloustieteen perusteet or ECON-A2100 Principles of Economics I.

Choose 18-24 cr from the following: 

It is strongly recommended to include either 31A00110 Taloustieteen perusteet or ECON-A2100 Principles of Economics I if the student has not done a similar course before.

*) The course is intended for non-Finnish speakers

**) Not lectured 2020-2021 or 2021-2022

***) Recommended for students who are planning to continue studies in the Master's programme in Economics

****) A maximum of 65 students can be accepted to the course. Priority is given to:
1. Students in BSc programme in Economics (quota 45 students)
2. Students in BSc programme in Science and Technology and Students in BSc programme in Design (quota 5 students)
3. Other Aalto students (quota 15 students)
In each quota students are selected in the order of enrollment. If a given quota is not filled, more students from other quotas can be accepted to the course.