Code: CHEM3033

Extent: 20–25 cr

Please check the minimum scope of the minor from your own programme.

Language: English

Professor in charge: Thaddeus Maloney

Target group: Master's students

Application procedure: Open for all students of Aalto University.

Quotas and restrictions: Please note, that in some courses the number of participants can be limited. Then major students (Fibre and Polymer Engineering) have the priority.

Prerequisites: While making your study plan, you should verify that you have the prerequisites needed for the courses.


This minor will help equip students with skills necessary in the development of new fibre, polymer and composite products. With emphasis placed on materials derived from renewable biomass, students will learn about the practises used in product development, which will then be deployed, through project-based learning, in the development of a specific product for a client. To support this process, students select additional courses to complement their expertise and existing skills.

Learning outcomes

After completion of this minor, the student will:

  1. have an understanding of the fibre and polymer value chains - from raw material to customer-specific end products
  2. have knowledge of the manufacture, properties and application of materials and products derived from fossil- as well as bio-based fibres and polymers
  3. have knowledge about the best practices in developing products and managing innovations in modern global companies
  4. be able to apply these practices to the fibre and polymer technology related industries in the development of new products
  5. recognise the chain of events that takes place between assessing an un-met consumer need and delivering a finished product
  6. realise the critical success factors and have an appreciation for the realities of product development in the fibre and polymer technology related industries
  7. be able to professionally manage a simple product development project and act in basic leadership and project management situations

Content and structure of the minor

Minor (20–25 cr) can be any combination of courses belonging to the major Fibre and Polymer Engineering. Please check the list below.

Structure of the minor 





Select courses below so that the Minor will be 20–25 cr.

CHEM-E2100Polymer Synthesis5I
CHEM-E2120Fibres and Fibre Products5I
CHEM-E2130Polymer Properties5II
CHEM-E2140Cellulose-based Fibres5I–II
CHEM-E2150Interfacial Phenomena in Biobased Systems D5III–IV


Product Development Practices


CHEM-E2105Wood and Wood Products5III–IV
CHEM-E2115Wood Products: Application and Performance5IV–V
CHEM-E2125Web-based Natural Fiber Products5


CHEM-E2135Converting of Web-based Products5IV–V
CHEM-E2145Polymer Reaction Engineering5III–V
CHEM-E2155Biopolymers D5III–IV
CHEM-E2200Polymer Blends and Composites5I
CHEM-E2220   Product Development Project Course5I-II