Basic Information of the minor

Code: BIZ31700 

Extent: 18 ECTS

Language: English, one of the courses in Finnish

Organizing department: Department of Finance

Teachers in charge: Matthijs Lof

Administrative contact: Marie Perret, Planning Officer

Target group: Only for School of Business Bachelor level students

Application procedure: Degree students at Aalto School of Business do not need to separately apply for a study right for the minor.

Content and structure of the minor

A minor in Finance provides a fundamental understanding of the models and theories of corporate finance and investment decisions, as well as an ability to apply them analytically in practical settings.

Structure of studies 18 cr

Since the mandatory 28A00110 Rahoituksen perusteet is a compulsory part of your degree1) and is settled in e.g. the module Liiketoimintaosaamisen perusteet, the extent for the minor is 18 ECTS credits.

Stucture of the minor

1) This course can be replaced with FIN-A0102 Principles of Corporate Financial Management (lectured during 1. period), if 28A00110 Rahoituksen perusteet is not included in the degree (for students from the Bachelor’s Programme in Economics).