Code:  SCI3111

Extent: 20-25 cr

Language: English

Organizing Department: Industrial Engineering and Management

Teacher in charge: Natalia Vuori

Administrative contact: Tarja Timonen

Target group: All students with sufficient prerequisite knowledge

Application procedure: Open for all students of Aalto University

Quotas and restrictions: No quotas.

Prerequisites: TU-C1010 Ihminen ryhmässä (5 op)/TU-C1011 Ryhmätoiminta ja organisointi (5 op)

Content and structure of the minor

The minor in Leadership and Change Management aims at developing a student’s capabilities in organizing successful teams able to explore and exploit new venture opportunities, in enabling effective collaboration among team members under conditions of uncertainty and time pressure, and in developing leadership skills in driving and transforming technology-based organizations.

The minor places emphasis on the role of people in the success of new and existing companies, as well as on public organizations and society at large. The minor introduces students to knowledge, frameworks and practices, which could resolve crucial challenges encountered at the nexus of engineering and innovation. The primary interests of the minor are leadership and self-leadership, interaction, knowledge sharing, learning, collaboration, wellbeing and the attitudes of people in the context of work. 

The students doing a minor in Leadership and Change Management  will learn to lead and inspire people in technology-intensive environments. They will learn skills and knowledge required to

  • organize groups of people to achieve common goals by using proactive behavior
  • lead and manage change within a dynamic and uncertain environment for the benefit of new and existing organizations
  • enhance teamwork and collaboration among members of entrepreneurial teams in the context of start-ups and of established organizations
  • create and utilize knowledge in emerging forms of organizations.

Students pursuing this minor will learn to understand human behavior and gain skills and knowledge required to

  • analyze and utilize individual and organizational knowledge,
  • evaluate and develop teams, organizations, and work practices,
  • explore human potential and growth and create better collaboration in teams and in organizations.

The minor will bring added value to the student's careers, helping students to integrate people-related knowledge to their special technical and engineering skills. Therefore, the competences and capabilities learnt in this minor create opportunities for proceeding to a number of areas of expertise and management.





choose 5-10 credits out of the following:


Leading as Practice



TU-E3041Leadership and Change Management5II

Select as many courses as needed to fulfill the extent of the minor (20-25 cr):

TU-E3050Designing Adaptive and Creative Organizations5III-V
TU-E3170Facilitating Change3V
TU-E6150Technology and Society5I-II III-IV
TU-C3022Organizing of Business5IV-V
 TU-E1021Strategies for Growth and Renewal 5III-V
 TU-A1150Filosofia ja systeemiajattelu( if this course has been completed for Bachelor's degree, it cannot be included in minor studies) 3 III-IV
TU-E3130Luovan ongelmanratkaisun seminaari 5-8II
TU-E0100Research Assignment5I-II, III-V
 TU-E3161Organization Design and Leadership with varying content1-10 varies, check course website 

Note: TU-E0100 is recommend for students planning to do their Master's thesis in the minor. Please contact the responsible professor prior to selecting the course to discuss about the thesis. Possibility to do thesis is subject to permissions from student’s degree program and the minor.