Basic information of the minor

Code: BIZ5090

Extent: 24 cr

Language: English

Teacher in charge: Henri Weijo

Administrative contact: Tatiana Penttinen

Target Group: All Aalto MSc students

Application procedure: All Aalto students are eligible to choose this minor. However, many courses have maximum student intake and students are selected according to the order of priority confirmed in the course description. Students should also pay attention to course-specific prerequisites and reflect on their own ability to successfully complete the course.

Content and structure of the minor

Minor studies in Marketing offer a student with

  • fundamental understanding of the behaviour of the markets and customers and the skills needed to apply this knowledge when developing and implementing marketing strategies;
  • fundamental understanding of the different strategies, practicalities and tools of market and customer oriented businesses; and
  • abilities to conduct market research to produce and acquire information about markets, customers and business environments to support decision-making in the context of certain business situations.

Structure of studies 24 cr

Choose four courses from the following:

1) Replaces courses 23E53010 Brand Performance Management, 23E53000 Brands in Strategic Marketing and 23E53050 Merkkituotteet strategisessa markkinoinnissa.

2) Replaces Reading Package 23E01000 Contemporary Issues in Marketing. For the academic year 2021-22, the course code of the reading package has been changed as follows: MARK-E000101, MARK-E000102, MARK-E000103, MARK-E000104 and MARK-E000105 (the last number indicates the period during which the reading package is completed). Only one Reading Package can be included into the Minor.

or max two C-level courses:

Replaces course 23C61000 Kaupan liiketoimintamallit ja markkinointi.

4) Replaces course 23C72000 Customer Relationship Management.

5) Replaces course 23C79000 New Product Development


For some of the courses the amount of participants is limited and therefore, it cannot be guaranteed that all the students taking marketing as minor studies can be registered for the course.