Basic information

Sivuaine suomeksi: Mikroaaltotekniikka

Biämne på svenska: Microvågsteknik

Code: ELEC3053

Extent: 25 ECTS

Language: English

Teacher in charge: Ville Viikari

Target group: All students with sufficient prerequisite knowledge.

Application process: No separate application procedure.

Prerequisites: understanding of electromagnetic fields, of electronic circuit design, and of relevant mathematical methods

Content and structure of the minor

Radio science and engineering is the basis of everything that transmits or receives electromagnetic waves, such as wireless communications devices, radars, or wireless sensors.

This minor provides you with the ability to perform scientific research on new electromagnetic phenomena and to develop components and systems, or to invent new wireless gadgets for the present and future wireless world.

Upon successfully finalizing the microwave engineering minor you will possess knowledge of fundamental and applied electromagnetics, wireless devices and systems, and the related mathematical tools. This includes understanding of radiowave propagation and interactions of electromagnetic fields and matter.

Furthermore, you will gain the ability to use this understanding for creating new components and systems for future wireless sensing and communications applications. So, you will have the proficiency to translate your expertise into new technological solutions for environmental, well-being, and communications challenges in the industry and academia.

There is one compulsory course: ELEC-E4420 Microwave Engineering 1 (5 ECTS). At least two elective courses are to be chosen from microwave engineering related courses, see list below (10 ECTS), and two elective courses can be chosen from any ELEC-E4xyz courses (10 ECTS). Total credits required: 25 ECTS.

While making your study plan, you should verify that you have the pre-requisites (i.e. the understanding of electromagnetic fields, of electronic circuit design, and of relevant mathematical methods) needed for the compulsory course (Microwave Engineering I). If you do not feel confident, it is strongly recommended that you choose relevant basic courses, i.e. ELEC-E3120, ELEC-E4130 and/or ELEC-E9111, from the course list below to attend before the compulsory course.

CodeCourseECTSTeaching period
Compulsory course; 5ECTS
ELEC-E4420Microwave engineering I5III-IV
Elective courses; 20 ECTS
ELEC-E4410Electromagnetic and circuit simulations5III
ELEC-E9111Mathematical Computing5I-II
ELEC-E4130Electromagnetic fields5I-II
ELEC-E3120Analysis and Design of Electronic Circuits5I-II
ELEC-E4430Microwave engineering II5IV-V
ELEC-E4440Microwave engineering workshop5I-II
ELEC-E4710Computational electromagnetics5IV-V (offered odd years, next time in 2021)
ELEC-E4720Advanced circuit theory5IV-V (offered even years, next time in 2022)
ELEC-E4730Advanced field theory5IV-V
ELEC-E4740Antennas workshop5I-II
ELEC-E4750Radiowave scattering and propagation5I-II (offered even years, next time in 2018)
ELEC-E4760Terahertz techniques5V (offered even years, next time in 2022)
Two of the four elective courses can be chosen from any ELEC-E4xyz course; 10 ECTS.