Basic information of the minor

Code: ARTS3083

Extent: 15 ECTS

Language: English

Organizing department: Department of Art

Teacher in charge: Jaana Brinck

Level of the Minor: Advanced

Teaching periods: I-II (autumn 2020)

Target group: The minor is aimed at students from other master’s programmes in Aalto ARTS, other Aalto schools and other art universities in Finland, who want to develop competences in art pedagogy and contemporary visual culture and art, when working with different projects, audiences, communities and individuals, and to draw upon contemporary visual cultural theory, art theory, cultural practices, and pedagogical encounters.

Quotas and restrictions: Maximum of 4 master-level students

Application procedure: 

Application in Spring 2020. Please notice that this minor is arranged every other year! No application 2021. 

Application instructions for Aalto University students

Students of other Finnish universities apply for the minor during the JOO application period in the JOOPAS system.

Upon application students must include to their application material their official Personal Study Plan (from their own major programme), a motivation letter and transcript. This material should be attached directly in eAge online system.

The motivation letter should bring forth the student’s earlier studies and experience in relation to art, design, visual studies and pedagogy, and their areas of interest and ideas for further work.

Selection is done according to the motivation letter and overall suitableness of the student.

Prerequisites: Please see application procedure and quotas and restrictions.

Content and structure of the minor

Learning outcomes

  • ·         The student will have a good understanding of site- and time-specific and participatory art, and make statements about the roles and relationships between various actors in contemporary art, and be able to critically reflect upon the concepts of public sphere and democratic participation
  • ·         The student will have the capacity to critically analyse, interpret, respond, and reflect upon images, objects, and sites in everyday life through theories of visual culture, and to describe and analyse the nexus between visual images, meanings, and their social contexts
  • ·         The student will develop and discuss views about cultural and social diversity, challenge the normative thinking, and understand different art pedagogical practices, traditions and theories in different countries, cultures and communities
  • ·         Students will have good understanding of the role of project work in the artistic and educational field, financing opportunities and are able to write their own project plan and report
  • ·         Students know how project work is constructured and how to manage resources and work flow to ensure deliverables and outcomes.

Content of the minor

The minor focuses on contemporary visual culture and art pedagogy by examining the theory, methodology and practice of the field. The minor introduces basic project management tools and methods to successfully plan and execute a study project. The context of the project plan is connected to the course project work in another course (Contemporary Art as Social and Institutional Practice).

Structure of the minor




Compulsory courses


Project management in Arts and Education



Art pedagogical Practices and Theories



Contemporary art as social and institutional practice