Code: BIZ5030

Extent: 24 credits

Language: English

Teacher in charge: Kirsi Eräranta

Administrative contact: Kati Halminen,

Target group: Master students

Application process: The minor in Organizational Communication is available for all Aalto University students.

Content and structure of the minor

Organizational Communication (OC) minor is based on an understanding of communication as an essential and multifaceted managerial and social activity. Communication is used in organizations not only to convey ideas and transfer information; it is also used to shape realities and to make things happen. A better understanding of the dynamics and complexities of organizational communication thus bears relevance not only for communications professionals but also executives, managers, management consultants and specialists.

Organizational Communication minor is designed to give students a multidisciplinary understanding of the field of corporate and organizational communication, and equip them with the communicative capabilities and confidence that they need to excel as strategic and ethical leaders. The minor is targeted both at students who wish to improve their communication skills as managers and leaders, and students who wish to work as communication specialists.

OC Minor provides students with knowledge of the strategic role of communication in contemporary organizations. It offers conceptual tools and practical knowledge needed in managing international corporate communications, engaging in corporate strategy work, and managing internal and external stakeholder relations. In particular, the OC Minor develops professional and academic competences within such specific areas as strategy communication, intercultural communication, corporate responsibility communication, and change management and communication. Moreover, it equips students with improved analytical and practical skills for communicating effectively with different audiences.

A student completing the Organizational Communication minor will have a thorough understanding of

  • the strategic role of communication for business operations;
  • the special areas of organizational communication, e.g. business negotiations, business presentations, change management and communication, corporate responsibility communication, intercultural communication, strategy communication, and workplace communication; and
  • the dynamics of interpersonal communication as social interaction.

In addition, s/he will be able to

  • manage the stakeholder relations involved in the various specific areas of organizational communication;
  • analyse, plan and conduct corporate strategy work from the perspective of communication; and
  • interact and communicate clearly and convincingly with different audiences.

Structure of Studies





Mandatory Course

  77E18000Organizational Communication  6 cr I

Elective courses 18 cr

Choose three courses of the following:

77E27000Change Management and Communication 6 crII (No teaching 2021-2022)
77E28000Corporate Responsibility Communication 6 cr III
77E00200Strategy Communication 6 crIII
77E25000 Business Negotiations 3 cr III
77E21000Intercultural Communication6 crIV 
77E24000Business Presentations3 crIV 
77C00400 Työyhteisöviestintä 6 crV