Code: SCI3104

Extent: 20-25 credits

Language: English

Teacher in charge: Professor Mikko Möttönen

Administrative contact: Emma Perilä

Target group: All Aalto students except Quantum Technology and Engineering Physics major students. M.Sc. students should check with their own study programme whether this minor can be included in their degree.

Application procedure: Open for all students of Aalto University.

Quotas and restrictions: No quotas.

Prerequisites: Basic courses in engineering mathematics or equivalent knowledge. A course on electromagnetism such as PHYS-A0130 or ELEC-C9430 is recommended. Students are requested to check the prerequisites of the courses before signing up. Some of the optional courses of this minor are rather demanding, especially the course PHYS-E0414 requires strong knowledge in quantum mechanics and hence are mainly intended for students with exceptional skills.

Description and learning outcomes of the minor: This minor provides the students with the core competence in quantum technology (see learning outcomes of the Quantum Technology Major). Students with no quantum mechanics in their major also learn the fundamentals of quantum mechanics. Students that have quantum mechanics in their major can complement their skills, for example, with those of quantum circuits and information.

Content and structure of the minor

CodeNameECTS creditsPeriod
Choose 20-25 cr of the following:
ELEC-C9420Introduction to Quantum Technology5I-II
PHYS-C0250Quantum Materials
PHYS-C0252Quantum Mechanics
ELEC-C9440Quantum Information5V
PHYS-C0254Quantum Circuits5IV
PHYS-C0258Quantum Labs5I-II
PHYS-CVQuantum Games3-10IV-V
PHYS-C0256 Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics5III
PHYS-E0414Advanced quantum mechanics5I-II