Basic information

Code at Aalto: ENG3091    
Code at Tampere university: MTE.VV-A03

Extent: 20-25 ECTS

Language: English and some elective courses in Finnish

Organizing department: T212 Department of Mechanical Engineering (Aalto)

Teacher in charge: Heikki Remes (Aalto)/Mikko Kanerva (TAU)

Target group: Students from Master’s Programmes at Aalto and TAU

Application process: Two application terms (autumn/spring). Application attachments: motivation letter and transcript of records. Appliacation deadlines normally 15.8. and 15.12. However, in Autumn 2021 the deadline for applications is 30.8.2021

Quotas and restrictions:Max. 10 students TAU->Aalto and 10 students Aalto->TAU, total 20 students.

Prerequisites: Bachelor’s degree. Student must take into account any course prerequisites.

Note: minor is available from the beginning of academic year 2021-2022

Content and structure of the minor

Learning outcomes (Aalto)

After the minor the student understands the loads and load-carrying mechanisms of lightweight materials structures under environmental loads. The student can apply these to applications withlightweight structures such as ships and airplanes. Upon completion of the minor, the student will comprehend the fundamental economical, technological and design phenomena related to engineering. The student learns the methods for assessment of this phenomena and knows in which fields of science these are developed further and field experts exist. Student can also describe the position and relation of own expertise in the framework of engineering.


The fundamentals of the finite element (FE) method and application of FE-analysis to the design lightweight structures. Estimation of the environmental loads experienced by lightweight structures. Properties and modeling of different materials and material combinations. Limit states of different materials and structures and their assessment by using numerical methods.

Further information is available from Professor Heikki Remes (

Learning outcomes (TAU)

This minor allows a student to learn understand materials and structures that carry intensive loads during operation and can analyse them in realistic environments. The student can recall examples of vehicles and applications that require strong advanced materials of latest technologies. The student understands natural spectrums of loads in higher atmosphere and ocean environment and can apply analysis of these loads to mechanical models.

This minor targets to allow studying the best of mechanical strength of materials and structures and realistic loading analysis from two different universities, as part of M.Sc. level studies.

Further information is available from Professor, tenure track Mikko Kanerva (

Structure of the minor

The student should choose courses from the following list.

CodeCourse nameCreditsPeriod

Obligatory course (5 ECTS), select one

TAURAK.RS.230Finite Element Method (lectures in Finnish)5I-II
AaltoMEC-E1050Finite Element Method in Solids5II

Elective courses (select at least 15 ECTS and at least one course from both universities)

TAUMSE.438Advanced Composites5III-IV
TAUMSE.530Energy-saving lightweight materials systems5I-II
AaltoMEC-E1030Random Loads and Processes D5I
AaltoMEC-E8005Thin-walled Structures D5I
AaltoMEC-E8006Fatigue of Structures D5II

Note: Periods in Aalto and TAU

Following courses are recommended as elective studies to support learning (0-20 credits), TAU

TAUMSE.430Polymeric materials5I-II
TAU  MSE.550Metals technology5III-IV
TAUKONE.750Komposiittirakenteet (Lectures in Finnish)5III-IV



Kantavien rakenteiden optimointi (Lectures in Finnish)



RAK.RS.360Continuum Mechanics5

Lectured every second year. Next implementation in 2022-2023



Rakenteiden mekaniikan perusteet (Lectures in Finnish) 




Murtumismekaniikka ja väsyminen (Lectures in Finnish)


I-II (Lectured every second year, next implementation in 2021-2022)

Following courses are recommended as elective studies to support learning (0-20 credits), Aalto

AaltoMEC-E2009Marine Risks and Safety D5I
Aalto  MEC-E2007Ship Structures and Construction D5IV-V
Aalto MEC-E6001Engineering Metals and Alloys D5V
AaltoMEC-E4002Ice Loads on Structures D5IV
AaltoMEC-E8007Fracture Mechanics D5V
AaltoMEC-E6007Mechanical Testing of Materials D5IV-V

Note: Periods in Aalto and TAU