Code: CHEM3035

Extent: 20–25 cr

Please check the minimum scope of the minor from your own programme.

Language: English

Professor in charge: Michael Gasik

Target group: Master's students

Application procedure: Open for all students of Aalto University.

Quotas and restrictions: Please note, that in some courses the number of participants can be limited. In those cases, major students (Sustainable Metals Processing) have priority.

Prerequisites: While making your study plan, you should verify that you have the prerequisites needed for the courses.

Learning outcomes

The core scientific and engineering knowledge to be obtained include chemical thermodynamic, phase equilibrium and property calculations. The students shall possess adequate knowledge of chemical kinetics in various fields related to metallurgical processing industries. The students shall understand chemical equilibria, process dynamics, system engineering and their connections to process design, the best practices and flow-sheet integration. They shall also understand the societal, economic and environmental impacts of processes related to metal making based on systems thinking.

The key skills to be developed include systems thinking and engineering and their connections to process design, the best practices and flow-sheet integration, linking product design and geology to metal production in a sustainable way, especially links to energy recovery as well as water recycling. The students shall be capable to make experimental studies on metals extraction reactors and unit processes at low and high temperatures, gather data and evaluate process performance.

Content and structure of the minor

The minor (20–25 cr) can be any combination of courses belonging to the Sustainable Metals Processing major. Please check the list below.

Structure of the minor





Elective courses


Choose so many courses from the list below that the minor will be at least 20 cr

CHEM-E6100Fundamentals of Chemical Thermodynamics5II
CHEM-E6130 Metal Recycling Technologies5II
CHEM-E6140Fundamentals of Minerals Engineering and Recycling5I
CHEM-E6160Fundamentals of Pyrometallurgy5II
CHEM-E6180Fundamentals of Hydrometallurgy5I
CHEM-E7130Process Modeling5I
CHEM-E6225Technical Innovation Project D
CHEM-E6105Thermodynamics of Solutions D
CHEM-E6115Thermodynamics of Modeling and Simulation D
CHEM-E6215Circular Economy Design Forum D
CHEM-E6235Circular Economy for Materials Processing


2020-2021: III–IV,

2021-2022: IV–V

CHEM-E6145Unit Operations in Mineral Processing and Recycling5III–IV
CHEM-E6165Unit Processes in Pyrometallurgy5III-IV
CHEM-E6185Applied Electrochemistry and Corrosion5III-IV
CHEM-E7150Reaction Engineering5II
CHEM-E7120Laboratory Project in Chemical Engineering5III-V
CHEM-E6210Individual Research Project V D