Basic information of the minor

Code: ARTS3091

Extent: 15-25 ECTS

Language: English

Organizing department: Department of Art

Teacher in charge: Pia Euro

Target group: All level students in Aalto University

Application procedure:

Open for all students at Aalto University.

If you want to start ViCCA minor, please come to the info on Fri 24th Sep 2021 at 3-5pm ( The info consists of talking about course contents and agreeing the personal study plan discussion times happening the following week. Students make a personal study plan with the lecturer in charge of the minor selecting the courses from the list below. 

Quotas and restrictions:   Lecture courses are open for all. Individual courses may limit the number of participants and degree students may be prioritized according to course description.                 

Content and structure of the minor

ViCCA minor is aimed for students who want to extend their professional understanding through methods of contemporary art, or apply practices of visual cultures, curating and contemporary art in their professional agency. The ViCCA minor gives tools to understand the role and possibilities of art in contemporary society.


ViCCA minor consists of three or five courses and of personal tutoring. The studies will be done alongside with the students of the ViCCA major and the minor students bring their personal knowledge and viewpoint to the multidisciplinary ViCCA community.

Structure of the minor

TAI-E3154Philosophy and Theory of Art 15
TAI-E3155Philosophy and Theory of Art 25
TAI-E3113Authorship and Agency5
TAI-E3157Mediums, Materials and Dimensions5
TAI-E3158Experiments in Situation & Contextuality5
TAI-E3159Ecology in Theory, Practice & Everyday Life 15
TAI-E3160Ecology in Theory, Practice & Everyday Life 25
TAI-E3161Field Ecology Intensive5
TAI-E3162Studio 12
TAI-E3163Studio 23
TAI-E3164Studio 34
TAI-E3147Theory for Curatorial Thinking & Mediation5
TAI-E3148Curating in the Live 110
TAI-E3149Trans-Institutional Experiments and Collaborations5
TAI-E3150Questions of labor in the Expanded Field of Art & Curating5
TAI-E3151Science Fiction Matters5
TAI-E3152Studio as Laboratory/Laboratory as Studio5
TAI-E3153Art and Science5

(Check the minimum scope of the minor studies in your own program.)