Master's Programme in Spatial Planning and Transportation Engineering is organized by the School of Engineering.

Urban realities are becoming increasingly dynamic, complex and fragmented while demands for their liveability, sustainability,  competitiveness, and attractiveness increase. This requires new skills in  systemic understanding, problem-solving, and integrative planning and  policy-making beyond sectorial boundaries.

This programme focuses on important future challenges of sustainable built environment, tackling topical global megatrends, such as urbanization and need for greener cities. The uniqueness of the program is its focus on a wide range of approaches from people’s daily life and mobility to large scale strategic and systemic thinking necessary for shaping the built  environment.

You will gain excellent competencies to work for smarter and more liveable cities and to respond to emerging issues of constantly changing built environments and technologies. In addition to a strong theoretical basis, you will acquire insights into current research themes, and capabilities in applying a variety of planning and analysis tools in contemporary tasks of land use and transportation. Through interactive learning methods, you will gain hands-on experiences on a range of urban themes and methodologies. Engaged in studio courses, you will learn systemic thinking, creative problem-solving, ethical reflectivity, as well as tools for participatory processes and communication skills in various forums and through various media. Moreover, you will be able to critically interpret and process knowledge from multiple sources and implement this knowledge in a variety of complex urban processes.

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