Personal study plan

All Master’s degree students are required to submit a personal study plan at the beginning of their studies. The personal study plan is done in excel.  Send the personal study plan to Annika Salama for approval.

Plans deviating from the study guide

If the content of the major or minor subject differ from the content as presented in the study guide, the content needs to be approved by the responsible professor. You can suggest replacing courses in the plan but the final approval needs to be done separately by the responsible professor.

If the substituting courses are done at Aalto University, complete the form Application for the approval of personal content of major or minor  in the Master of Science degree to get the approval from the responsible professor.

Help with making a personal study plan

Study planning is an integral part of studies. The goal is to make your studies progress smoothly and in a systematic fashion. To achieve this goal, each student will draft a personal study plan.

Students don't need to manage study planning on their own. The Student Services Office, study advisors and the teaching staff are here to help you.

Professors usually have office hours once a week. If no office hour has been specified, an appointment can be made via e-mail.

Study skills

Information on study skills is collected to the Aalto's Support for studying pages.