Applying for Bachelor and Master Exchange

1) I am currently doing CEMS in addition to my ISM master degree, but I would really like to go to Canada for a normal exchange later, would that be possible?

Unfortunately that's not possible. Exchange studies are always part of a student's degree and it is only possible to go on exchange once per degree - once in the Bachelor degree and once in the Master degree. If you complete the CEMS exchange in your Master Degree, you cannot have another exchange on the Master level.

2) Do you count every credits (courses) I took at the school, or do you just count the courses that are included in my studies (major/eHOPS)? I want to know this, because I have taken courses that are not my major/minor; they are not included in my eHOPS and simply took them for fun. Will they be included?

We will only count the studies that are part of your degree = are in your eHOPS. Transferred studies which are completed before your official study right at Aalto BIZ are not included.

3) Regarding the application process, if I get accepted by Aalto school to exchange, do I still have to directly apply to the partner university myself after that?

After we have selected you to a specific university we will nominate you to the university in question and you will have to go through their application process. The exchange is 100 % sure when you are accepted by the exchange university. However, in 99,5 % of the cases there are no problems because we select students to the exchange universities based on the criteria and number of places set by the schools themselves.

4) It says that " For 2nd year Masters students only" in UBC, Canada. What does it mean? Shall I need to be the 2nd year student now to be eligible to apply for it, or I shall be the 2nd year student when I go to UBC in the fall if I was admitted. In short, I am now a first year student, am I eligible to apply for UBC?

You must be a 2nd year masters student at the time you leave for exchange. If you are now studying in your first year and will have approx. one year of studies completed in fall 2015, you are eligible to apply.

5) I'm a second year master student and I'm considering an exchange, here i have a question. What does it mean by "(MBA)" in level of students? does it mean only MBA students can apply or it's all MBA courses?

MBA in the level of studies means that the studies will be conducted in an MBA program in the exchange university. The places are open to our MSc students but in many of the destinations some relevant work experience is required.

6) Do I have to have attending status in order to apply for exchange?

Yes you do. If you have a non-attending status at the time of application, you cannot be selected on exchange.