Code: BIZ221

Credits: 84 ECTS cr

Responsible Professor: Nina Granqvist

Learning objectives

The learning objectives are divided into four key domains:

1. Core strategy skills
Ability to analyze and extract insights from information
Ability to craft and evaluate strategic initiatives
2. People & leadership
Leading and facilitating organizational changes
Ability to understand and participate in strategy processes
3. Organization and capabilities
Organizational design and structures
Organizing and strategy in multinational firms
4. Business environment, competition, and markets
Analysis of industries and business ecosystems
Competitor analysis and marketing strategy

Programme director
Professor Nina Granqvist

Programme committee
External members:
Jan Feller, Managing Director, Turn a-head
Jenna Hakkarainen, Consultant, Deloitte

Internal members:
Professor Nina Granqvist, Programme Director, Aalto BIZ
Dr Timo Vuori, Assistant Professor of Strategic Management; Aalto University
Dr Henrika Franck, Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Management Studies, Aalto BIZ
Berit Söderholm, Programme Study Coordinator, Department of Management Studies, Aalto BIZ
Tarja Timonen, Planning Officer, Degree Programme of Industrial Engineering and Management, Aalto SCI
1-2 student members from the Strategy programme

Additional information
Strategy programme website

Degree requirements 120 cr

1. Programme studies 84 cr

Mandatory studies 76cr

Courses offered by School of Business 60 cr

Courses offered by School of Science 10 cr

*) If your thesis is for the following specialization areas: Human resource management, Strategy Work or Sustainability Management select 21E99910 Master's thesis and 21E99903 Maturity test. If your thesis is for the specialization area International business, select 26E99910 Master's thesis and 26E99903 Maturity test

Elective studies 8-12  cr

Choose from courses below

Courses offered by School of Business

Courses offered by School of Science

1)   Replaces Communication in Strategy Work 71E00200.

*) Must be approved in advance by the Programme Director. No registration needed via WebOodi.

Other course substitutions must be approved in advance, contact your Planning Officer.