International double degree programmes

International double degree programmes are two-year Master’s programmes in English, where you study at two universities and graduate from both. The students participating in the programme will earn two degree certificates in addition to gaining valuable international experience.  

Note! Only Aalto University School of Business students can apply for the double degree programmes. In case you are not a Master's student at Aalto University School of Business, you need to first apply and be admitted in the Master's admissions to obtain a study right. Application to double degree programmes is a separate internal application process.

The students of Aalto University School of Business can apply to a double degree programme and study towards two degrees in parallel: the Master of Science (Economics and Business Administration) degree at the School of Business and a Master's degree at the partner university. In the double degree programme, you study one year at the School of Business and one year at the partner university. Scholarships are available for the period of studying abroad.

Why complete a double degree?

  • Increase the depth of your understanding in the study field
  • Gain international and intercultural perspective
  • Challenge yourself academically
  • Differentiate your degree to attract employers
  • 2 degrees in 2 years

 General Information for Double Degree Programmes

General Information for Double Degree Programmes

Scholarship commitment and Waiver

Students selected to double degree programmes are requested to fill in a scholarship commitment and waiver for students going abroad. The forms are sent to the outgoing students by International Student Services after being admitted to the programme.

If the double degree is completed in Europe the student is likely to be an Erasmus student*. In addition to the documents above, Erasmus students fill in a form Acceptance of Erasmus grant.

Please note that you may include maximum one international study period per degree programme, i.e. you can go either on exchange, double degree or CEMS exchange during the Master's studies.

* ERASMUS is the European Union’s exchange programme in which students may study abroad in different universities inside the EU. Basically whenever the host university is located in the EU, a part of the funding comes from Erasmus programme.

Personal study plan PSP (HOPS)

You should update your personal study plan PSP (also known as HOPS) to include the studies at the host university. Please contact your study coordinator at the department for more details.

Learning agreement

Prior to the double degree studies at the host university, you are required to prepare a study plan (learning agreement) stating the courses you are planning to take. The studies are checked by the Study Coordinator and International Student Services. If there are changes to the approved learning agreement either at enrolment or later on during the year, you must approve them by email (

Students on Erasmus programme (in Europe):

  • Before returning to Finland you should update the changes on the third page of the learning agreement, and get both the original learning agreement and changes to it signed by the programme coordinator at the host university. If there are no changes in the learning agreement, the coordinator signs only the original learning agreement. In both cases, the approved final learning agreement has to be returned to the International Student Services of the Aalto University School of Business after the studies at the host university.

Scholarships and funding

Students of Aalto University School of Business selected to double degree programmes are entitled to a scholarship to finance their studies at the host university. The amount of the scholarship is confirmed yearly. In 2018-19 the amount of the scholarship is 2500 euros for a year abroad.

The student scholarships are paid in two installments. The first part of the scholarship (2000 €) is paid before departure. The second part (500 €) is paid upon return, once the student has submitted a travel report and the original transcript of records to International Student Services. The completed studies have to be accepted and fill the requirements. Students under Erasmus programme have to also submit the final Learning Agreement with signatures and Erasmus Letter of Confirmation.

If the student fails to complete the required studies, the second part of the scholarship may not be paid. In some cases the student may also have to return a part of the scholarship already paid. If there are any problems with the studies during the year, you should inform your Study Coordinator / International Student Services immediately.

Travel report

After the double degree studies at the host university you will have to write a travel report. Travel report should be returned to International Student Services as soon as possible; the deadline is within one month after the year abroad. The length should be minimum 8 pages + possible pictures. Travel report is submitted as a PDF attachment to

Credit transfer for double degree students

You need to apply for credit transfer for the courses you have completed abroad.

As a double degree student you can apply for credit transfer for your minor (“50D00100 Studies Completed at Exchange University", 24 credits) as well as for your elective studies (“50D00200 Additional Studies Completed at Exchange University”, 1-12 credits according to your Personal Study Plan).

You can also apply for credit transfer for courses in your study programme. If you have completed a course that is similar in content to a course in your study programme, you can try to substitute that course. In some study programmes it is possible to include studies completed elsewhere as part of your programme studies (“X studies at another university”, 6 credits; please see the study guide for the exact code in each programme). In this case the course you have completed does not have to have corresponding content with a School of Business course (in fact the course content should not overlap with any other course in your degree); but it needs to be approved by your study programme to be included as part of your programme studies.

Please follow the normal credit transfer procedure.

Feedback form

All students participating in a double degree programme are required to give feedback regarding the studies. Link to the feedback form will be sent after the studies at the host university. The feedback gives us useful information about the academic level and possible problems and challenges regarding each university. The feedback from our students is essential in developing the double degree programmes.

 Double degrees for Strategy students

The application period for the Double Degree Programme takes place once a year. The application period is 4–30 September 2018 (4:00 pm). The link to the online application form is published and active only during the application period.

Before applying to the double degree program at University of Cologne, please contact your Planning Officer.

 CEMS Master's in International Management (MIM)

CEMS, The Global Alliance in Management Education, is a strategic alliance of leading business schools and multinational companies. Currently, 31 world-class academic institutions collaborate together with over 80 corporate and social partners to offer international, postgraduate students a unique blend of high quality education and professional experience. The curriculum has been jointly designed by the CEMS Schools and CEMS Corporate and Social Partners.

Over the years, CEMS Master’s in International Management (MIM) has been consistently ranked among the top Master’s in Management programs in the world by the Financial Times. Aalto University School of Business is the only member of this prestigious alliance in Finland.

CEMS MIM is a one-year program that consist of specific CEMS courses, seminars, a semester-long Business Project, workshops in career related skills, languages, an exchange semester at another CEMS University, and an international internship. In addition, CEMS is a lifelong network of over 13 000 Alumni, Companies, NGOs and Universities offering a lot of career and social opportunities even after graduation.

Since 1998 qualified Aalto University students have had the opportunity to enroll in the CEMS Master's in Management (MIM) program in parallel to their MSc degree at the School of Business or other Aalto Schools. The School of Business students include the CEMS MIM term abroad in their MSc curriculum as the International Study Module minor. It is often possible to use other CEMS elements simultaneously also towards the 'home' MSc. After successful completion of the requirements of both programmes, students will graduate with two diplomas - MSc from Aalto and CEMS MIM.

In addition to the above described (1) one year CEMS MIM (66 ECTS) to be completed in parallel with regular Aalto MSc studies, CEMS MIM at Aalto is also tied to the (2) Global Management  Master's Programme (120 ECTS) at Aalto University School of Business.

For more information, see: and contact CEMS Programme Managers.


CEMS Programme Manager Liisa Kotilainen,

CEMS Programme Manager Arja Sahlberg,