This information is directed to incoming exchange students at Otaniemi campus. Incoming exchange students at Mikkeli Campus can find information here.

Aalto University School of Business offers several Master's degree programs in English and dozens of courses in English on bachelor level. More than 160 English-lectured courses are available in the business school and dozens of multidiciplinary courses in other Aalto schools in the fields of art, design and technology.

Most of the courses lectured in English at the School of Business are available for you. There are however some courses that might have restrictions or quotas. The requirements are usually mentioned in the course descriptions in Sisu. You are able to search for the course descriptions also without login in to the system. Certain courses can sometimes be available for certain majors only or master level students only etc. In general, bachelor students are allowed to take master level courses provided that they fulfil the possible prerequisites and there are places available. NB! CEMS students are advised to check the full listing of available CEMS elective courses from the global CEMS website

List of courses taught in English 2022-2023 (Updated 16 June 2022)

A full workload at Aalto University is 30 ECTS per semester. One ECTS credit stands for approx. 27 working hours. These hours include all the work required for completing the course (lectures, cases, possible projects, exam etc.).Courses at the School of Business are usually worth of 6 ECTS credits, so 5 courses equals full workload. There is no maximum limit on the number of courses you can take.