Department of Information and Servic Management at the School of Business offers an intensive course 30E00150 Applied Optimization: Fundamentals and Methodologies 6 ECTS credits in May 2020

To whom: Master’s and doctoral level students

What: This course will highlight the importance of optimization techniques in practical problem solving tasks from sciences, societies, engineering, and business. Classical and modern optimization methods for solving single and multi-criterion problems will be introduced in a gentle manner. Case studies from several practical problems will be presented. Students will have an opportunity to use real optimization codes -- classical and evolutionary optimization methods during problem solving sessions to have a more comprehensive understanding of optimization methods.

Prerequisites: No major prequisites. An exposure to the use of MATLAB software and derivatives of polynomials will be provided in the class.

When: 18 – 28 May & Exam 3 June

Teacher: Visiting Prof. Deb from Michigan State University has been teaching and practicing optimization methods for the past 30 years and is a pioneer researcher in the field of multi-criterion optimization and decision-making having more than 137,000 Google Scholar Citations.

Registration: Now open on WebOodi and ends 11 May

More information: See WebOodi for detailed schedule & content.

Course can be included in the elective studies of the Master’s degree.

In case you have questions regarding the course, please contact planning officer Elli Hämäläinen (, School of Business.