A great opportunity to improve your presentation and negotiation skills

The ability to give impactful and engaging presentations and negotiate effectively are essential skills in business life.  The Department of Management, Aalto Biz, offers two courses in periods IV and V which provide you with an ideal opportunity to take your own presentation and negotiation skills to the next level. 

77E24000 Business Presentations, 3op

This highly interactive and task-oriented course provides you with essential strategies and skills to create and deliver convincing, engaging and impactful business presentations.

77E25000 Business Negotiations, 3 op

This very practical course provides you with a toolkit of key negotiation approaches, strategies and tactics,
and the opportunity to develop these skills experientially through numerous negotiation exercises and simulations.


Period IV courses: 28.1- 18.2.2019
Period V courses: 18.3-8.4.2019