Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK and Finnish universities of technology together conduct a yearly feedback survey for graduated academic engineers and architects. Response rate 2017 at School of Science was very high, 88%. The results and findings were generally very good at SCI. SCI graduates have more work experience in their own field than other graduates in this survey, and work experience was considered very useful. 60% of SCI graduates felt that working slows down the studies. One of the future challenges is combining work and studies in a wise way. Another challenge is how to further increase the satisfaction related to teaching. School of Science should perhaps decide its strategical focal areas.

The results show that SCI graduates are generally very satisfied with their studies. Reselection of studies was the highest at SCI among the graduates, 79% of SCI graduates would select the same degree programme and major again. 87% of SCI graduates were already employed when they graduated and quality of employment was excellent. 9% of SCI graduates were working as an entrepreneur.

You can read more about the results on TEK’s webpage