The Academic Bicycle Challenge (ABC) is the new international cycling contest for universities and colleges. The ABC wants to find the most active cycling institutions of higher education worldwide. Aalto University joins the challenge from 1 May to 30 May 2019. The goal is to cycle as often and much as possible and to register the kilometres. Together we will be able to prove that we are awesome on the bicycle as well!

We warmly invite you to cycle as often as possible during one month, for your fitness and for climate protection! Collect miles for your team and for our university! No matter if you cycle in your leisure time or on your way to university. All trips count, everywhere.

This is how it works: Get the Naviki app, enable ABC participation in the app settings, join a team or create your own one. Then simply cycle and record all trips. That way you collect miles for yourself, for your team, for your academic discipline and for our university. You will see the effect any time in the leaderboards available within the app. The thrill rises, day by day. Who is going to be most active? 

All students and staff members of our university are welcome to participate. The ABC will last 30 days, from May 1-30, 2019. The ABC is an annual event.

More practical information and registration for participants: Rankings and further information: More information in Aalto HR / Work Community Services:

The Academic Bicycle Challenge (ABC) combines joyful cycling, healthy exercise, and climate protection. The common goal: collecting as many cycled kilometres as possible.

More practical information and registration for participants:

How the ABC works

Get on your bike and just start cycling: simply record your trips with the organiser's free app to collect more and more ABC kilometres - for yourself and for your self-created team. 

The free Naviki application (for Android and iOS) records cycled trips and automatically takes into account the distance cycled. The app displays each university’s individual and collective achievements in various rankings, available on the ABC website as well. These enable both, a comparison of cycling activities among disciplines, teams, and individuals locally and to compare those with other universities globally.