We are excited to launch Impact Studio! 🤩 Impact Studio will take you through all the steps necessary to verify whether your idea has the potential to scale up, become a sustainable business and make the world a slightly better place. 💭

The studio will offer you:
✅ Access to step-by-step guidance and resources for validating your idea
✅ Lots of networking possibilities with other founders
✅ Expert mentoring and connections to the Finnish entrepreneurship ecosystem
✅ Funding for your MVP and intros to more investors
✅ Life-long support after graduating from the Studio

The Studio has an ongoing application process, and we accept future founders every month. You can apply right away, and you won’t need to wait for months to get in! Read more about the Impact Studio and apply here: https://avp.aalto.fi/impact-studio/

Impact Studio is organized by Aalto Ventures Program, the entrepreneurship education program at Aalto University. We strive for sustainability through entrepreneurship. Learn how to think like an entrepreneur at our courses, programs or open events. Get to know us at avp.aalto.fi