Alex Jung has been teaching the course Machine Learning: Basic Principles for three years. During this time, the number of students in the course has more than tripled, and at the same time, the student satisfaction of the course has increased significantly.

According to the students, the course is well executed, the exercises and the lectures, which are also accessible online, are excellent and the course content is useful and carefully selected. “Overall, everything about the course is great,” one student puts it.

In the recent years, Alex Jung has been one of the key figures in renewing machine learning teaching at Aalto. In addition to being involved in two of the core courses, Machine Learning Basic Principles and Artificial Intelligence, Alex Jung has taken an active role in making the field known outside the university, for example through the Scientist in Schools programme.

The teacher of the year in computer science has been awarded since 2007. This year, a total of 28 proposals were received and 18 teachers were nominated for the award. The final decision on the winner is made by a board including the following members Prof. Tuomas Aura (BSc in computer science), Prof. Petri Vuorimaa (Master’s programme in CCIS), Prof. Antti Ylä-Jääski (Vice-head for teaching in the Dept. of Computer Science) and Planning Officer Elsa Kivi-Koskinen (Learning Services), and student members of Athene and Computer Science guilds.

The teacher of the year receives a certificate of honour and a reward of 1000 €.