In the midst of the darkening autumn, UniSport encourages university members to come together and get into some uplifting exercise! To give a special boost during this increasingly gloomy time of year, UniSport is blasting off on 1 November with its group exercise campaign #Mynewfavclass, where you can go hunting for your new favourite class from among our centres’ many weekly options.

From among the over 40 different weekly classes, you will certainly find something just right for providing you or your training gang with the joy of movement amidst the daily grind. For beginners or those seeking light exercise, there are options such as Easy Training, Neck and Back, and Gentle Hatha Yoga, while for those seeking to raise the pulse there are options like Interval Body, Zumba or BODYCOMBAT, as well as many hourly slots for indoor cyclists, diverse rhythms for dancers, and energising exercise for ball sport players too, with options from futsal to basketball. Take a look at the calendar on our webpage and find your new favourite class!

You can join in with the hunt for your new favourite class with a #Mynewfavclass pass, which you can pick up from any of our centres as soon as the #Mynewfavclass hunting season begins on 1 November. More details about the campaign can be found here. You can find your favourite class most easily with training card, which allows you to book your classes beforehand. As a university member, you can always get a training card at a low price.

Although it’s getting dark and cold outside, there’s always a bright atmosphere at UniSport’s weekly classes! We warmly welcome you to exercise in our centres at Kluuvi, Porthania, Kumpula, Meilahti, Otaniemi, Töölö and Viikki.