Although, we are in the middle of a two-year curriculum period, there have been some unavoidable changes in the MS courses for the academic year 2019-2020:

Changes in the course timing:

MS-A0211 Differential and integral calculus 2

-       Period change: IV -> III (Spring 2020)

MS-A0311 Differential and integral calculus 3

-       Period change: V -> IV (Spring 2020)

MS-E1742 Computational mechanics 1

-       Period change: I (Autumn 2018) -> Only exam (2019-2020)

MS-E1743 Computational mechanics 2

-       Period change: II (Autumn 2018) -> Only exam (2019-2020)

If you have general questions about the course changes, please contact Planning Officer Johanna Bovellán (