Student of the School of Engineering can get credits from practical training by working and taking practical training courses. The extent of the practical training is 1­­­-5 cr at both Bachelor and Master level. Practical training courses will be placed  in the elective studies.

The aim of the practical training, at the School of Engineering is to deepen the professional skills by doing major studies related, area specific practical engineering and/or research tasks under senior supervision. The tasks should be typical for the later M.Sc. work profiles. Credits for the practical training will be placed in the elective studies.

Training Courses:
1. ENG-A1010 Training Passport (1 cr). Recommended to be taken during the first year of study.
2. ENG-A2020 Work environment training (2 cr) or ENG-A2021 Work environment training Abroad (2 cr).
3. ENG-A3030 Advanced Training (2 ECTS cr.) Or ENG-A3031 Advanced Training (2 cr).
4. ENG-E1010 Practical training (1-5 cr). Performed during Master's studies.

At Master level studies, the practical training course is ENG-E1010 Practical Training. Registration to the course is done in, and the registration is open around the year. The practical training consists of a work placement at a suitable company or other work community. Student can include 1-5cr of practical training to master’s degree (elective studies). The extent of the practical training is 1 to 5 credits. Two weeks of full time work (37,5 – 40 h / week) equals 1 credit point (max 10 weeks=5cr). In addition to working, the student writes a reflective report and submit it to the course’s MyCourses page.

More information about Practical Training is available at the courses MyCourses page. Practical training advisor will also answer questions by email ( or he can be met in the room 102 (Otakaari 4) during his reception hours that can be found here under the headline Harjoitteluneuvoja: